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10-96 Designs can now be found here. Now that it has it's own domain, I will be changing The Gothic Hideaway around a bit.

[::3-04-06::] The Gothic Hideaway will not be around much longer, few more months and that will be that. I have purchased a new domain for this site that suits it much better. I am not going to release the domain name quite yet, as it still needs work, just need to transfer all these files over and then I will publish a link to the new site.

I'm not sure if I will drop this domain completely, or if I will save it for something else. I have had it for quite some time now and have become quiter attached to it.

I'll think of something.

[::2-22-06::] Have added a few scripts to the site and I believe I have worked out any remaining bugs in the site. Working on trying to dig up a few more scripts for the script page, and also adding a script submission form. Of course I will have to take into consideration that all scripts will have to be carefully examined for any harmful coding.

Might have a forum soon, not too sure yet.

The 10-96 Designs page is up and running now. If you are looking to get a website built, and need one cheap, check out the page for more information.

More to come soon

[::Unknown::] Welcome to The Gothic Hideaway's NEW LAYOUT!
Got sick and tired of the old one so I decided to get this one up and running for the site.
Seems to still be a little buggy every once in awhile, but I'll work on getting it all together.
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